Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PAD and Encompass Network Partners - Teamwork!

Peripheral Artery Disease restricts the flow of blood through the vessels beyond the heart. Circulation disorders in these vessels, which carry oxygen and other nutrients to vital organs and tissues, are most often caused by atherosclerosis (also called hardening of the arteries), a progressive disease process caused when plaque (composed of fat, cholesterol, and other substances) is deposited on the inner wall of the artery.

The Encompass patient screening and accountability network allows our network of highly specialized medical professionals to deliver accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment of both the symptoms and the cause of Peripheral Artery Disease and lower limb ischemia in dialysis patients.

Thorough Screening, Consistent Screening , Proper Treatment and Specialized Care... These all ADD UP to: Patient quality of life - Better long term care - Delivering results!

Partner with Encompass...For your patients sake!

For more information how you can partner with Encompass Network Partners, contact us at kburleson@encompassnetworkpartners.com.

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