Friday, April 24, 2009

Answer…Monthly Poll April 2009

Despite advanced interventional techniques to restore straight-line flow, amputation continues to be a common “therapy” for lower limb ischemia. Estimated how many amputations are performed in Europe and the USA annually?

ANSWER...An estimated 200,000 amputations are performed in Europe and the USA annually.

Visual Clues to PAD and Arterial Insufficiency

• Cool, dry, atrophic skin on legs may have signs of cellulitis
• Thickened or deformed nails-dystrophic
• Hair loss or uneven distribution on legs
• Muscle weakness or atrophy
• Bruits on auscultation
• Ulcers or wounds on lower extremities
• Gangrene

The Benefits of Screening for PAD
Early detection = increased PAD therapy options
Patients return for continuing care
Increased credibility within the community for saving patient limbs
Increase patient well-being and prolong life

The Encompass patient screening and accountability network allows our network of highly specialized medical professionals to deliver accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment of both the symptoms and the cause of Peripheral Artery Disease and lower limb ischemia in dialysis patients.

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