Friday, September 24, 2010

National Limb Loss Information Center - Fact Sheet

In the United States, there are approximately 1.7 million people living with limb loss. It is estimated that one out of every 200 people in the U.S. has had an amputation.

Each year, the majority of new amputations occur due to complications of the vascular system (of or pertaining to the blood vessels), especially from diabetes. These types of amputations are known as dysvascular. Although rates of cancer and trauma-related amputations are decreasing, rates for dysvascular amputations are on the rise. Incidence of congenital (present at birth) limb difference has seen little or no change.

Incidence data represents the occurrence or number of people who become an amputee each year. This fact sheet represents this type of data. Prevalence data represents the total estimated number of people living with limb loss, both new cases of amputation and those living with the limb loss for many years. 

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