Sunday, June 14, 2009

What is Leg Ischemia?

Leg ischemia is the condition when the leg does not receive the necessary amount of oxygen (via the blood circulation) that is required for the activity underway.

How Do I Know if I Have Leg Ischemia?

Ischemia of the lower extremities will manifest itself in many different ways ranging from asymptomatic (simply the presence of a blockage) to gangrene of the leg or a part of it. Quite often a patient will have an asymptomatic blockage (one that they do not know is there) that is manifested simply by an absent pulse in the foot, behind the knee or in the groin or an abnormal angiogram that is usually done at the time that a cardiac catheterization (heart catheterization) is performed. A person will have no symptoms referable to this blockage and will only know of the abnormality because their physician informs them of such! This is generally referred to as Fontaine’s Class I.
~ The Cardiovasular Care Group~

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